I like idle clickers and wanted to make one myself. I also like production simulations like Factorio, Satisfactory or The outcome of this game is probably a mixture of these two worlds.

As I did this Jam the first time alone I focused more on the content and mechanics rather than the balancing or optics - hope you enjoy it anyways!

The goal is to collect four items to become the King of Sticktorio.

Background Music: joshuuu
Interface Sounds: Cafofo
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withGodot
TagsClicker, Idle, Minimalist, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour


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84:38:563 first time

feedback: a hint to what's still unlockable would have helped a lot. (also berries were OP as smoothies boost didn't scale with population)

I just completed the game, had a fantastic time playing. 


I reached a funny point in the game where my production line was an absolute mess, I had almost no money, and I'm like "F' it, reject humanity, return to berry collecting" and quickly became rich after that.


Hej, thanks for playing!

Indeed, heard it now multiple times that berries are a bit too overpowered. But I have already a list of improvements were this specific issue gets addressed ;)


407 minutes I left this running, oustanding.
Hit a bug where I couldn't hire any more stone collectors :(

Hi, thanks for playing!

Do you mean that the production consumed too many stones so you could not manually craft them anymore? In this case it clever to disable some productions to reduced the consume amount of stones and spin up some stone collectors with the remaining stones and then spin up the productions again.

I couldn't hire any more stone collectors, tried firing the ones I had but couldn't hire any more despite having plenty of resources :( - friend of mine completed it now though so I think I need to come back to it.... The factory  cave must grow.

Hello! Very good game for a jam. There were some weirdness for me starting the game, but once I understood I needed to click "Collect" I was in.

What I thought: Things get very costly at about the 40min mark and I had not very many slots available for workers, so I needed to pivot and go all-in on baking. Thing is, I got my 73k cave upgrade but no more trade offers were available after this (I suspect because I fired all blacksmithing and mining)

It is hard to keep track of what uses what and the ratios. Also, I would like to know the price of the goods to sell without producing it (maybe show a more detailed tooltip, even for listings in trades)

All in all 8.5/10 for me, but I was stuck at about the hour mark where I would have needed to re-pivot, fire many workers and start mining/blacksmithing again and it was too much effort for me in one go so I left. Thanks for making it!

Hi, thanks for playing!

Yeah, a lot of the things you mentioned are already on my list and weren't tackled due to missing time. You are also right that the game probably did not progressed for you since you did not produce the correct goods (all things are unlocked if a specific item is in the inventory with amount X).

like the game


I need tool tips to keep track of what resources are being used by each item

Hey, thanks for playing!

Yes, adding more tooltips and more explanation is already on my list :)

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Amazing, really addictive - I love it!

Hej, glad you liked it - nice that the addiction kicked in :)


57min of my life

Thanks for playing! Happy you liked it :)

Its intended feature to only be able to obtain rocks and sticks?


No, should progress once you have 200 Stones in your inventory

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Does web version contain only rocks and sticks? I got 1200 sticks (full inventory) and can't do anything after that.

UPD: after reloading page and game restart, trader popped in...

Should progress once you have 200 Stones in your inventory

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Then there is possible softlock: if I collect more than 1000 sticks before 200 stone, progress will halt. Which actually happened on the 1st run.

I really enjoy the game so far. However the king's medal seems like a really poor design choice. Such a significant impact on the game with a 50% chance? Please remove the gambling, it really does not fit the game's theme. Also, I didn't even get a message whether it succeeded or not.

I get that this is annoying but I thought it would be fun as part of the "Heavy lies the crown" wildcard. You can simply not accept the offer for reset to avoid the gamling. It does not have an effect on the game besides the eventual speedup.